Cary Queen, Ph.D.



Dr. Queen has extensive experience in conducting and directing research in molecular biology and immunology, especially for the development of antibodies as therapeutic agents.  He was co-founder of Protein Design Labs, Inc. (PDL), where he invented fundamental technology for the humanization of antibodies which has been widely licensed and used, for example, in the drugs Herceptin® and Avastin®.  He led the research team that developed Zenapax®, the first humanized antibody to be approved by the FDA.  While a senior executive and Board member of PDL, he participated in all aspects of corporate decision-making and at various times oversaw the research, development, manufacturing, preclinical and clinical areas.


K. Jin Kim, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer


Dr. Kim has been actively involved in the application of monoclonal antibodies to research as well as drug development for several decades.  While at Genentech, Inc. as a Senior Scientist, she played a major role in developing several potentially therapeutic agents by conceiving the idea, generating the monoclonal antibodies, and demonstrating the efficacy of these antibodies in vitro and in vivo using relevant animal models.  Notably, she initiated studies that showed an anti-VEGF mAb is effective against tumors in animal models, and led the development of the mouse anti-VEGF mAb that was humanized to create the drug Avastin, currently approved for the treatment of colon, lung and renal cancer and glioblastoma.


James Larrick, M.D.



Dr. Larrick’s career has focused on therapeutic antibodies and other protein therapeutics, spanning the whole range of biopharmaceutical product development from target discovery and process science to clinical trials.  As a founding scientist of Cetus Immune Research Labs, he pioneered the use of PCR for the construction of recombinant antibodies.  In 1991, Dr. Larrick founded Panorama Research, Inc. (PRI), a biopharmaceutical incubator company.  Dr. Larrick’s PRI team has discovered and initiated development of a portfolio of pharmaceutical molecules in cancer, infectious, autoimmune, cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic diseases.  Based on this work, Dr. Larrick has co-founded more than a dozen companies.